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Well-Hung by the Chimney: An M M Christmas Anthology - Lori Perkins I have to confess the four stars for this anthology were bolstered by the E M Lynley story 'The Christmas Bonus'. This was easily my favourite of the three. The characters were endearing and the story's premise hit one of my 'kinks', well, trope would probably be a better definition. It would possibly have been a 4.5 stars if it had appeared as a single story.

The other two stories were more confusing, although it isn't until you get to the end of the anthology that you realise both use characters from previously released publications. Of these, I found the third story - FOREVER BOUND WITH TINSEL - the more confusing of the two, maybe because there were so many references to the original book. Strangely though it is this couple that I am more likely to want to read more of, out of the second two stories.