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Love Is Always Write: Volume Ten
Jeff Erno, Kiernan Kelly, Valentina Heart, S.A. Meade, Charlie Richards, Eden Connor, Deanna Wadsworth, Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane, S.A. McAuley, Pia Veleno, Sammy Goode, Jenna Jones
Kody Boye
Blooming Marvellous and collected stories
Josephine Myles
Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Four - Megan Derr,  Mark Alders,  Rory Auden,  Poppy Dennison,  Charles Edward,  R.L. Ferguson,  S.A. Garcia,  David  Greene,  Kathleen  Hayes,  Kayla Jameth,  K-lee Klein,  Celia Kyle,  Taylor Law,  Elizabeth Lister,  Ryan Loveless,  Selah March,  Michele L. Montgomery,  Zahra Reviewing as I go or I'll forget what I've read. I'm reading in the order the story types appeal to me.

So far the two stand out stories for me have been
Trust by Zahra Owens
Freedom's Souvenir by Pia Veleno.
Both stories leave room for awkward and trying times ahead for the couples which I like. I would certainly be interested in how the future pans out for both of these couples.

I'm on a roll. Loved 'More than Words' by Fae Sutherland. Read the tag 'Guyliner' and thought 'I'm gonna hate this one' How wrong can I be?! Sweet and sexy!

See I gave up reviewing individual stories. I did search out and rate the individual stories I liked the most though.

Note to self when reading other three volumes - don't pick favourite topics/authors first, it makes the rest of the book drag and almost impossible to finish.