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Breathe Me In - Lex Valentine I'm not going to rate this book as I don't think it would be fair. This book is part of a series of which I have not read any of the others. It is also not the sort of story I would normally read.

I read it simply because it was a free read. Sometimes these free stories can widen your reading horizons. This one didn't.

Reasons I should never have read this book.

The characters are supernatural, not only vampires and wizards but werewolfs, dragons, demons and fey fairy things.
There was an undercurrent of BDSM.
It was insta-love (I know that could have been the whole lifemate thing, but it was still insta-love).

If you like any or all of the above then maybe this book is for you.

Also, I did find the inclusion of some of the characters (who were presumably introduced in earlier books) unnecessary to the overall story, it made the storyline overly cluttered and confusing in places.