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Graham's Gift - Em Woods Have you ever felt completely betrayed by a blurb? I appreciate authors are only trying to entice you to read and a well written blurb will do that, but there are certain things, especially in this genre, that should in the very least be hinted at. One of those has to be BDSM. It wouldn't have taken much, just a line in the blurb about Graham finding a lover who can accept him for who he is--what he wants--and not as the alpha male top he appears to be. That might have been enough to start the alarm bells ringing and stop me from making a purchase of something I'm not comfortable with reading. Don't get me wrong I have read BDSM but it needs to come with the highest of recommendations from people whose opinions I value, and normally from an author I have previously read. And ultimately I want to make that decision and to do that I need the knowledge that it is there in the first place.
The BDSM elements in this story are probably only mild (certainly to people that regularly read and enjoy this type of story) but their appearance in a story that I was expecting to be sweet and maybe slightly angsty were jarring enough to pull me away from the writing.