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Kody Boye
Blooming Marvellous and collected stories
Josephine Myles

Country Mouse

Country Mouse - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov

Wow, loved this.

While this story takes place over a single weekend it never once rang my instalove warning bells. There is no talk of TruLuv or FOREVER. There is only the now, attraction, need, want and seeing where the moment takes you.

I've owned this story for so long but put off reading it because of the BDSM theme (not really my thing) but I wish I hadn't left it so long. This is not so much BDSM as BDSMlite. I'd even go as far to say it's BDSMfail. By this I don't mean failure on the authors' part (as a writing team they did a grand job) but on the character's (Malcolm, bless you).

My only complaint, there was a lot of sex for a novella length book that had so much character development (although much of Malcolm's realisations took place during sex). I'd have prefered a little less time in the bedroom and a more of them in the other moments. Changing the ratio slightly would have given it an extra half star from me.

The Queen's Librarian

The Queen's Librarian - Carole Cummings

Would have been a 4* read if not for Lucas' rambling and slightly hard to follow mental tangents, which resulted in some seriously long sentences. Apart from that I enjoyed following the adventure along with an established couple, and I felt that the sex happening off the page fit perfectly with the general tone of the book.


Would happily read a sequel with these characters, I'd especially like to read something from Alex's POV.

From Pack to Pride - Amber Kell For 57p I'm willing to give this a try.
Breathing Snow - Dev Bentham Really enjoyed this free read. Got the feel of the sport even though I've never so much as slapped on a pair of skis. Could have done with a little more time with our MCs together in the friendship zone.
Aniseed and Juniper - G.S. Wiley This story was heading toward a 4 star read for me and then just as it started to get interesting with regard to the prospect of a relationship it ended. Almost like a prequel to a longer novel that never happened. A shame because I would liked to have seen where the author could have taken this because the writing itself was good, and it felt well reseached.
Four stars for the writing, research and the portion of story we got.
Two stars for the abrupt ending, and leaving the reader with characters they could come to care about had they been given the opportunity.
Burning Ashes - H. Lewis-Foster OMG a cricket book. How can I not want to read this.

Makes me want to write more cricket stories of my own. Maybe I should dust off the old cricket stories and see if there is a longer story there.
The Ivy League Rake (Bad Boy Billionaires, #1) - Ryan Field Free today at ARe
Blinded by Our Eyes - Clare London The mystery was good, graphic and well paced, although there was a point for me where everything turned on its head and I not only knew who the murderer was but I suspected (correctly) their reason too.

What I didn't quite believe in was the relationship, maybe it was the speed that they progressed at, or possibly because I struggled to connect with Charles.

Well written, with the art galley setting as an integral part of the story not just a backdrop.
From the Ashes - Kayla Jameth At 36p this is cheaper than a bar of chocolate and a lot less fattening.
Junk - Josephine Myles So excited to read this one again.

Loved this as much the second time.

Jo Myles is an autobuy for me but I think this is possibly my favourite of her stories. (Although I am still eager for that Tailor Made sequel. Are you listening Jo?)
The Bitter Rednesses of Love - Dominique Frost According to other reviewers, set in some type of steampunk alt. world. Hence the m/m marriage in a historical. Would have been good for the blurb to give some indication of this.
Gay Honeymoon - Susan Reaves Concerned I may have just read the entire plot within the blurb, but it's free atm, so I'll give it a go.
The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery - James Lear Available on Kindle. £7, same price as the paperback. And on ARe (Omnilit) at $16.95!!
Waiting for a Spark - Lillian Francis For anyone who doesn't like anthologies, my story is now available on its own.
Death by Silver - Melissa Scott,  Amy Griswold Available from ARe, well OmniLit actually.

Nobody whose names I recognise have read this but I took the plunge anyway. At $8.99 it was take the plunge while I had a free book voucher waiting to be used or forever pass it over for cheaper books!
The Crimson Outlaw - Alex Beecroft Pre-ordered from Riptide.